THE HEROES. Check us out! We are quite narcissistic.

The right TEAM, at the right COMPANY, for the right PROJECTS. Here's the team that make it happen!

  • Bayu Ekaputra
    Chief Everything Officer + The Money Maker

    Bayu is the business development guy in Gellies Media. His objective is to convert everything into $. From creative concepts to partnership, he’s the right man to approach in Gellies Media. He is a-not-so-hardcore Liverpool fans, loves music and books, sometimes sports when he started to realize his tummy is getting bigger.

  • Ramadhi Irawan
    Magic Developer + PacMan

    Visit our office, and you will most likely see a gentlemen sitting in front of his computer with some snacks and drinks with earplugs securely attached to to his ear while doing some magic. Rama is the Magic Developer and is ever ready to code and develop the program for you. He loves to travel and had been (and lived) in few cities, his long term goal is ".. to see the world before you die...".

  • Donny Chaniago
    The Generator + Anime Monster

    Jack of all trades, master of none. He is the very important bridge between the design team and programming team. This guy's often seen lurking with a cup of tea in his hand, even while his comrades are working like ants. His main objective is to transform the masterpiece design into useable interface in line of code. He is also an Anime Monster, he can tell you any Anime’s title just by listening to the character’s voice.

  • Andri Andiansyah
    Metal Designer + Android Fan

    Mas Andri is the councillor in the Gellies Media Kingdom. He’s the design maestro in the company; from sketch to digital, from web design to character design, you name it. Mas Andri is an all-time Android fan, he can explains you anything about Android, even its history! Alternative rock and metal is his favorite music genres, so don’t be surprised if you hear Travis or Dream Theater in our office.

  • Mohammad Fahmi
    Creative Designer + Game Freak + Half-blood Programmer

    This guy is the one that conceptualize our works. He will turn any request from your wildest imagination into a concrete and readable documentation. with background as software engineer and game designer, you can always trust him to do the brainstorming for you. Oh, he’s a blogger, writer, and a game freak. Ask him anything about Suikoden, like anything!

  • Muhammad Rizky
    Mini Programmer + Viceroy

    Despite his mini size body, he’s the guy with great programming talent. Started of as a rookie, now he’s grown into a great talent (though his body is still small) at such a young age. Rizky is a hardworking person and also a cheerful and romantic guy. He’s like the romeo at our office, nice person to talk with, can kill off any girl with his look.

  • Panji Satria
    Media Man + Reflexology Expert

    He’s the ghost at our office, will be there when you need him, won’t be there if you don’t put much attention to your surroundings. He’s our expert in Media production and concept. His creativity and skill in Media production is giving our client another level of experiences of Media presentation. His magic touch doesn’t only works in media but also reflexology,;trust me, he’s doing a great job at that.