From Conventional To Special

Photos, Videos, Banner, Interactive Medias, Campaigns, and so much more! We do the magic works for your website and campaigns. We make your concepts and crazy ideas alive!

  • Design

    Strategic Design

    We identify the needs and nature of business of your company and create new designs and approaches of your company/projects. We work together with you in creating the best designs and roadmaps that fits your company/projects.

    Concept Design

    We help you visualize your concepts, visualize the ideas into a concrete and implementable concepts. Venturing into new business ideas and creating the best designs that fits into your new business ideas.

    Detailed Design

    When we are talking about design, its more than just a beautification. To create the best designs, we believe in putting more focus on the every single details of the projects’ design. Together with your product team, we will create the best designs that fits best to your projects’ objectives.

  • New Media

    New Media is a fresh approaches in the digital media industry. We are talking about a creative, interactive, and attractive approach to the current conventional digital media approach. New media is a blend of the current digital media approach with the implementation of the technology to make it more real-time and interactive.

  • Software Development

    From concept to the finished product, we help you build your software from scratch into a finished product. Our services doesn’t only includes the activity of computer programming but also to what we are expert at, design. Our services also includes research, new development, prototyping, modification, reuse, re-engineering, maintenance, or any other activities that result in software products.

  • Branding

    Just like designs, we believe in the power of branding. From color to logo builds the image you want people to perceive of your company. Your company’s personality will be the foundation of your brand. From peripherals to the creation of the logo, we handle all of it. For us, brand is everything, so should you.

  • Social Media Management

    Social Media plays an important role in the branding process. In Gellies Media, we put more attention on branding because we understand how important a proper branding strategy for a company is. Our Social Media Management services cover from preparing a creative content plan to scheduling posts on your Social Media platform. We help you to build more efficient and effective branding campaign through social media.

  • Multimedia

    Multimedia and its content can not be detached from the word Branding. We see how many brands work their brand awareness and image through different platforms in multimedia. From TV Ads to a 30-seconds YouTube commercial ads, all play a very important part in building a brand. And guess what? We're here to help you build the right content for your multimedia's branding strategy! From content to production, we're ready to assist you and provide you the best outcome and quality for your multimedia campaign!

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